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Monday, August 1, 2011

Prayers Please!!!

Hello Everyone,

This post is different from the normal posts. I have always said to myself that I am going to use this blog to glorify the lord. With that said I want to share what my family is facing right now and ask for your prayers. My dad has been poor health for a while now but the past 6 months have been the worst. I hate to say this but we think he may be at the end of his life. Last September he had stomach surgery to repair a perforated ulcer and ever since then he has been declining, and the past 3 months seems to be speeding up drastically. My dad has gone from weighing 170 pounds to weighing 104. He is nothing but skin and bones and is so weak. He has gone from walking on his own to needing the use of a walker. He has hospice care once a week and now has to have a hospital bed in the house. He has times of confusion and is combative. It is really hard for my mom to watch her husband of 40+ years suffer like this. He was just in the hospital two weeks ago with double pneumonia, due to the lack of oxygen to the brain he was so confused and combative and the fear in his eyes was heartbreaking. I have never seen my dad like this and when I go to visit him whether it be at home or in the hospital holding back the tears is getting harder and harder. Know he is so weak he falls so often and then my mom will find him later and that is so scary.   What scares me even more is that if my dad goes I think my mom will not be long behind him. They are together 24/7 and I know she can't live without him. Growing up I never saw my parents fight and they always acted like they were teenagers in love. I try to mirror my marriage in that way too. My parents never leave each other without giving each other a kiss first. My husband Liam always reminds me of that so we are trying to make sure we do the same thing in our marriage. My mom is desperate to keep my dad and I can say the rest of the family feels the same way. Please pray for healing of my dad and wisdom for the doctors to finally figure out what is going on with my dad. Pray for peace for my mom and that she will ask for help in caring for my dad and not take it all on herself. Please pray for their salvation as well. Please pray for peace and wisdom for the family as we dealing with this tough time in our lives.

Thanks for visiting and for your prayers.

In Christ


Nana Connie said...

Debbie, You are in my prayers now and on my daily prayer list. I pray for God's will and for comfort and peace to all concerned. It is so difficult to lose a parent (both of mine have been gone several years now) and just as hard to lose a spouse who has been a constant, life-long partner. Blessings for you and your family, dear friend.

Jennifer Scull said...

oh gosh, I will most certainly pray. May God's loving will be done and peace prevail. you have so many people who care about you. I know your family will be lifted up. sending hugs across the miles.

Shannah said...

Oh Debbie I'm so sorry you are going through this pain. My warmest thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
I understand how hard this is, and am praying for peace and strength.
Hugs, Shannah xox

Deedee Anderson said...

Debbie, you and your family are in my prayers, that God will bring peace and strength to your hearts during this difficult time. My grandma, who was like a mom to me, passed away last fall, and I know how hard this process is. Please let God lift you and carry your burden, and know that you have many friends praying for you, sweetie. Hugs!